The vehicle we have developed is a bicycle equipped with two steering wheels in the front head, instead of one. This feature provides the vehicle with three contact areas with the soil, in contrast with the two usual wheels, which characterize the majority of bicycles.

The two contact points in the front end can be exploited to give the bike particular qualities of grip, and therefore of driveability, in all road conditions. From these considerations was born the idea of creating a mountain bike that would allow everyone to move on any surface with maximum safety and without giving up the fun and dynamism, typical of two-wheeled vehicles.

Despite the reverse tricycle geometry, the bicycle can, in fact, tilt sideways like all rolling vehicles. To expand the possibilities of moving even on steep slopes, the bicycle is equipped with a modern electric assistance system for pedaling so that specific athletic training is not required to fully utilize it.

Nonostante la geometria a triciclo inverso, la bicicletta può infatti inclinarsi lateralmente come tutti i veicoli rollanti. Per ampliare le possibilità di spostamento anche su terreni con forti pendenze, la bicicletta è dotata di un moderno sistema di assistenza elettrica alla pedalata affinché non sia richiesta una preparazione atletica specifica per utilizzarla appieno.

Photo Gallery WES – World Ebike Series 2019