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Double front shock absorber one for each wheel. Size 165×38 mm
Front wheel travel 130 mm.

Double front disc brake (1 per weel) diameter 160 mm Symmetric double piston each break

Handbrake. A lever on the handlebar allows the rider to lock the trike when it stops commanding the brake master cylinder.

Lean angle 50 degrees without losing grip with the wheels. Two front wheel diameter 26 x 3,8 inches

Steering angle 30 degrees

Vertical travel of the parallelogram front end of 240 mm, which added to the 130 mm of shock absorber travel allows you to overcome obstacles of 370 mm.

Diameter Rear wheel of 29 x 3 inches Rear suspension 150 mm wheel travel Including shock absorber instruction manual.

Weight adjustable rear shock absorber customizable according to the weight of the cyclist and according to the driving style

Rear Shock absorber block

Rear Shock absorber block Front roll handlebar control lock Useful when not in motion to keep the Trac3 upright in the presence of uneven ground

Saddle travel (130 mm) With hydraulic control on the handlebar

Motor 75 Nm Polini – E-P3+
Torque 75 Nm
Cadence up to 120 pedal strokes/minute
Including instruction manual

Display computer EP3+
3 maps with 5 setting levels + 2 customizable maps with APP for smartphones
Including instruction manual

1 Battery 500 Wh 36 V
With integrated bottle cage

Black water bottle with LOGO TRAC3


Following the confirmation of the request for quote, an email will be sent to the address above with the specification and the delivery forecast.



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