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Bike festival Garda Trentino 2022
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The Garda Trentino Bike Festival never seems to end. There were so many things to see, hands to shake and products to photograph that after 10 days we are still here to give you a new roundup of components, accessories and interesting projects unearthed among the stands in the Alto Garda area. [ Click to read]

Garda Bike Festival 2022 : balade dans les allées du salon
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After an outright cancellation in 2020 and then a postponement to autumn last year, the Riva del Garda Bike Festival (Italy) regained its status as the biggest spring show in the European calendar this year.  [Click to read]

Trike Fäuste für ein Halleluja
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About 60 years ago, a little boy named Massimo Franzaroli had the dream of visiting his two grandfathers by bike. But they lived quite a distance apart on the banks of the Reno River near Bologna. [Click to read]

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